The Best Take Away Lunch Options In Gibraltar

When I first moved to Gibraltar  I mourned the loss of Pret a Manger. Rather than my favourite halloumi & red pepper or rocket & crayfish salads and sarnies I was faced with ham, cheese and egg options in nasty white bread, covered in a mountain of mayo, yuck!

Maybe I just got unlucky though, as there are in fact some very tasty options for a decent lunch. All of the cafes below also have seating areas but for this post I’m focusing on take outs. Unfortunately I’m one of these people who tend to grab a quick sandwich and then eat it back at the office hunched over my laptop – not ideal!prawn sandwich

Bean and Gone
This is run by some really friendly chappies and they cook delicious home made, filling food including wraps, sandwiches and hot food. I love the jacket potatoes and falafel salads. You can ring up and pre-order and they also deliver for orders over £20
20 Engineers Lane
T: (+350) 200 65334

Verdi Verdi
This cafe (which one of my friends calls ‘veggie veggie’ for some reason!) cooks beautiful tasting home made food which is locally sourced. They specialise in bagels, middle Eastern food, quiches, salads and cakes. Their hummus and falafel wrap with chill jam is my personal favourite, it’s over £4 but is worth it as it’s the best one I have ever eaten (a bold, but true statement). If I was forced to pick just one favourite place this would be it for me as that wrap is just too delicious!
International Commercial Centre, Casemates Square
T: (+350) 200 60733

This popular cafe in Irish Town is situated in the former warehouse of an old merchant house and is very cosy and traditional. They have one corner of the cafe dedicated to selling local products including their own coffee which my fiancé tells me is lovely. Personally I can’t stand the stuff so would not be be able to tell what’s good or bad but he’s a bit of a connoisseur.

They cook a range of home made hot food, sandwiches, quiches, salads as well as cakes. I always have to try and ignore the cakes when I go in as I feel like they are calling my name! They look (and taste) delicious. The quiches are the best ones I have ever tasted, especially the salmon option. They do a nice take away offer of a slice of quiche and medium salad (where you pick 3 from a great selection of fresh choices) for around £6. This is more expensive than I’d usually pay but they are very good.
57 Irish Town
T: (+350) 20070625

Pick A Bite
I have mixed feelings about this place as I think the wraps/baguettes are fairly standard (and they tend to put lashings of mayonnaise on everything… ggrrrr. However their Spanish hot food is delicious. They cook lovely rice, croquettas, empanadillas (a kind of pie) and salad and it always tastes really fresh. The staff are friendly but can sometimes be very slow so I avoid it if I’m in a rush.

Reclamation Road
I can not find a telephone number or website

Solo Express
There are 2 locations for this cafe and they both make fresh baguettes/wraps, salads, hot snacks and cakes for a very reasonable price. The average baguette is just over £3, they do a great salmon and mascarpone option, yum!
International Commercial Centre Casemates Square (+350) 20048185
Unit 15, Eurotowers (+350) 20062828

Do you have any other suggestions? Please leave a comment :)

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2 thoughts on “The Best Take Away Lunch Options In Gibraltar

  1. I don’t know bean and gone although I am always up and down engineers lane. Fascinated that the way their vegetarian breakfasts are the most expensive. One reason not to visit. Captive market? Rip ‘em off.

    Verdi Verdi was (wrongly) promoted at one point as a veg restaurant because it doesn’t include meat – but – it does include a lot of fish. I think there was a bit of a catering for all sorts trying to be marketed at the time. Back when it started in City Mill Lane the guy used to try and lure me in. No idea why. He didn’t succeed.

    I think Sacarellos food looks good. Their salads look superb. I arranged to meet a friend there but she had to call off her trip to Gib at the last minute, but it was the one place I would happily take someone to. Caters for all tastes in a way. Their coffee is great. We buy Columbian usually.

    No idea about Pick a Bite although I have seen it. I’ve only ever been bought a coffee at Cafe Solo in Casemates so no idea about the food although it does look ok in eurotowers.

    You do like salmon don’t you ? :D

    The place in the Arcade is ok, basic but not expensive. Otherwise I’m not up on take away options. Oh, the Indian veg place near hospital ramp (off governor’s parade) if it is still around was pretty good.

    And in the same area, I had a burger at the Theatre Royal Bar which I thought was ok (last post on my blog).

    Sharing restaurant experiences or take-aways or whatever is great within the (limited) Gib blogging circuit. Enjoyed reading this.

  2. Thanks for the reply, it is good to share info on the Gib blogging circuit and yep I love salmon :)

    I have been told about the Indian vegetarian place which I’d really like to try but seemingly it has been shut for a for weeks now. Talking of Indian food…I had a take away curry from Ramsons in Watergardens last night which I didn’t know they sold and I was actually really impressed. That is another option I could have mentioned as their sandwiches are very nice.

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